Congress makes the man a General, Communications makes him a Commander"

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MG Joseph P. O'Leary (Ret) President Liberty Chapter Signal Corps Regiment Association, Inc.

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Our mission
The Signal Corps Regimental Association, or SCRA, is a private, nonprofit organization that provides an opportunity for all active, reserve, and national guard, officers, warrant officers, enlisted members and civilians, as well as any former members of the Signal Corps to aid in preserving for posterity the proud heritage of the U.S. Army Signal Corps Regiment, and Signal units throughout the world. Through direct financial support, the association will enhance the educational and recreational value of the Signal Regiment and thus ensure the lessons of history and proud traditions of the Signal Regiment are not forgotten.
Foster and preserve the esprit, tradition and cohesion of the Regiment 
Publicize and reinforce the Regiment's goals 
Foster excellence and belonging through the Orders of Mercury, Wahatchee or Brevet Colonel awards and recognition program for outstanding Signal Corps professionals and volunteers.
The Association works to form the Regiment that consists of military (Active, Reserve, Retired, Separated, Officers, Non-commissioned Officers and Enlisted), Department of the Army Civilians, Contractors and our Industry partners, or other individuals that are interested in the association Patrick Murphy Obiturary Sig Bn Newsletter Chapter & 101st Sig BN Family Day Picnic at Round Pond West Point Flyer on 21Jul18 Liberty Chapter Meeting is Tuesday 10Jul18 at 1930     Hrs Yonkers Armory Planeside Farewell Ceremony at Stewart AFB Newburg, NY for Task Force Lightning on 17Mar2018 Promotion Ceremony of BN CDR at Camp Smith on 25Feb18 Liberty Chapter Meeting is Tuesday 9 Jan 18 at 1930     Hrs Orangeburg Armory, Orangeburg,NY Chapter Photos from Last Meeting 24Oct15

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